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Crash bang wallop accident repair was very proud to be a part of the F1 in schools challenge as I welcomed a group of enthusiastic ten year olds from Rumney Primary School to help spray paint their model creations. The idea behind this challenge is to introduce children to the engineering process, getting them to design, manufacture, analyse and market their own racing car which they have created.

This hands-on project is designed to find the engineers of the future and something Jaguar are very dedicated to, considering the skills needed for this project are the exact same skills and processes that Jaguar look for in their engineers. If primary and secondary school pupils can get excited about this project then the future certainly looks bright for the world of car engineering.

Where they ready for the challenge?
The two groups from Rumney Primary School, the girls and the boys, have had to take on individual roles as they prepare to create the ultimate racing car. This is by no means your average car and far from being an average race as Rumney Primary School is fighting to win this competition.

With assistance from their teachers, they brought to the body shop, two model cars made from balsa wood. They had been created using 3D CAD software as well as having undergone various tests such as speed, efficiency and effectiveness to ensure their car stands out from their competition. But no racing car would be complete if it had not been to the body shop at crash bang wallop accident repair in Rumney Cardiff. Using a combination of food colouring and water the pupils were let loose to try there spraying skills out as their cars were painted in the spray booth, in their chosen colours and designs by real sprayers. The boys chose flames with a pearlescent orange whereas the girls opted to paint stars on their model car with a metallic blue background. The pupils of Rumney primary school fully enjoyed their time at crash bang wallop accident repair and gave them a good sense of the process I go through when spraying customer cars. The task was challenging but the pupils rose to the occasion and very eagerly asked me lots of relevant questions throughout the time which I was more than happy to answer.

I wish the pupils at Rumney Primary School the best of luck.


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