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What we offer

Free quotes on all work, from a scratch to a bigger project when we can arrange to come and view the vehicle at your property.
Insurance work, including incentives for customers who choose to bring there cars to us for repair, courtesy cars are available with most insurance work.

Full bodywork restoration from a self prepared car to a full restoration, all undertaken by ourselves. We are covering a range of services, such as body work, engine rebuilds, and interiors. We can suit all needs and budgets alike.

Plastic bodywork using our specialist crack repair system. We are able to repair virtually any form of plastic, whether a crack or a hole, there is usually a repair method we can offer using the latest repair technologies.

Alloy wheel refurbishments, in any colour you wish. Even cracked alloys can usually be repaired. Wheels can be left on the car without removing the tyres. This will all be done for you. Repair times are usually between 1 or 2 days.

We also offer a touch up repair service. We use many methods to hide those scrapes and scratches your car has, and its a cheaper alternative to spraying. Ideal for people who maybe selling there car, or trying to tidy up an older car, that they don’t want to spend large amounts of money on.

Full car buffing can change the whole look of your vehicle. By using different polishing grades, we can can remove all those unsightly marks and wear your paint work has accumulated, leaving you with a shiny glossy motor! This service is ideally used along side the touch up repair service.

Lead filling, this service is available for those who desire a more traditional repair to there classic or vintage cars.
& much more…

All paint work is cured in our brand new spray booth.